SPG operates dedicated equipment for rapid protein purification, crystallization, X-ray data collection, and structure determination.  A combination of unique technologies allows the group to manage multiple research projects in parallel at a rapid pace.

Rapid Protein Purification

Four automated GE Life Sciences AKTAxpress chromatography systems allows the group to purify up to 16 unique proteins, in parallel overnight, using two-column chromatography methods.  The group also has access to two additional fully-customizable FPLC systems for improved optimization of purification.

An Integrated Crystallization Pipeline

Integrated robotic technologies controlled from a central server allows SPG to screen, optimize, and monitor crystallization of purified proteins with ease.  Shown above from left to right are the Formulatrix NT8 drop-setting robot, the Formulator liquid handling robot, and a Rock Imager 1000 automatic crystal imager.  Separate imagers set to 22°C and 4°C allow for greater coverage of crystallization space.

Rapid X-Ray Data Collection

SPG operates a dedicated Rigaku Micromax 007-HF X-ray generator and a Rigaku Saturn 944 CCD detector for quick access to crystal screening and data collection immediately upon crystal growth and harvest.  SPG also has routine rapid access to the NYSBC’s state-of-the art NYX synchrotron beamline  at National Synchrotron Light Source II at Brookhaven National Labs, NY.

SPG also operates bacterial fermenters for high-throughput protein expression, and maintains a separate dedicated cell culture room with a complement of sterile flow cabinets, temperature-controlled incubators, and shakers for protein production from eukaryotic systems in both adherent and suspension culture.