High-Throughput Cloning and Expression

  • Biomek Liquid Handler
  • 96-deep well block expression
  • Robotic sonicator
  • DodecaTM system for high-throughput protein gels

Rapid Protein Purification

Four automated GE Life Sciences AKTAxpress chromatography systems allows the group to purify up to 16 unique proteins, in parallel overnight, using two-column chromatography methods.  The group also has access to two additional fully-customizable FPLC systems for improved optimization of purification.

Protein Stability and Biophysical Assays

  • Protein quality and stability using thermal denaturation (Tycho)
  • Binding assay by microscale thermophoresis (MST)
  • Electrophysiology for transporter, pumps and channels by solid-supported membrane (SSM) technology (SURFER)
  • Lipid bilayer recording (Orbit)

An Integrated Crystallization Pipeline

Integrated robotic technologies controlled from a central server allows the Research Services Laboratory to screen, optimize, and monitor crystallization of purified proteins with ease. Shown above from left to right are the Formulatrix NT8 drop-setting robot, the Formulator liquid handling robot, and a Rock Imager 1000 automatic crystal imager. Separate imagers set to 22°C and 4°C allow for greater coverage of crystallization space.

Rapid X-ray Data Collection

The Research Services Laboratory operates a dedicated Rigaku Micromax 007-HF X-ray generator and a Rigaku Saturn 944 CCD detector for quick access to crystal screening and data collection immediately upon crystal growth and harvest.  The Research Services Laboratory also has routine rapid access to the NYSBCʼs state-of-the art NYX synchrotron beamline at National Synchrotron Light Source II at Brookhaven National Labs, NY.