X-ray Crystallography




NYSBC designed, built, and now operates beamline NYX at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s NSLS-II synchrotron, as well as an in-house X-ray sources at NYSBC’s Manhattan facility. Combined with the 10,000-fold increase in X-ray brightness at NSLS-II, this improved instrumentation has made feasible experiments that were previously impossible.

NYSBC also operates the Research Services laboratory, a  full gene-to-structure pipeline dedicated to protein research with a full range of services from target selection, cloning, expression, purification, crystallization to structure determination. The Research Service Laboratory works with academic and for-profit scientists with a special emphasis on membrane proteins and difficult targets.

X-ray Department Personnel:

X-ray Director: Wayne A. Hendrickson, Ph.D
NYX Director: Kevin Battaile
NYX Director Emeritus: Dieter Schneider
Alex Tran, Ph.D. (Beamline Scientist)
Rudra Subramanian (Beamline Scientist)
Michael Skinner (Software Engineer)