Research Services Laboratory



The Research Services Laboratory, provides a full gene-to-structure pipeline dedicated to protein research with a full range of services from target selection, cloning, expression, purification, crystallization to structure determination. The Research Service Laboratory brings over 15 years of experience in protein production and structure determination to assist academic and for-profit scientists with their difficult targets.

Research Services Lab personnel are regular users or NYSBC’s NYX beamline for X-ray crystallography, but also have experience with structure determination by cryoEM, utilizing microscopes in NYSBC’s Simons Electron Microscopy Center.

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Research Services Laboratory Personnel:

Michael Rudolph, Ph.D. (Senior Scientist)
Jonah Cheung, Ph.D. (Senior Scientist)
Akira Karasawa, Ph.D. (Senior Scientist)
Yang Chen. (Research Associate)