Services include:

  • Structural elucidation of novel drug targets
  • Optimizing antibodies and immunogens.
  • Rapid construct design and production of purified soluble and membrane proteins for experimental purposes including high-throughput analysis and specialized assays
  • High throughput NMR drug screening using an automated Bruker SampleJet

Rational drug design requires an understanding of the function and structure of proteins.

Cloning and Protein Production

  • Bacterial, insect, and mammalian cell expression systems
  • Unique methods for production of challenging proteins

Unique methods for overcoming poor expression and difficulties of purifying challenging protein targets.

Brian Kloss

Membrane Protein Optimization

  • Detergent stability assays
  • Purification in nanodiscs, bicelles and liposomes
  • Small-scale cell-free assay and optimization

Protein Crystallization and Optimization

  • Automated high throughput crystallization screening
  • Crystal optimization guided by X-ray diffraction

Jonah Cheung

Michael Rudolph

High Resolution Structure Determination

  • Dedicated NYSBC-operated synchrotron beamline (NYX) at NSLS II
  • All standard phasing techniques


  • Enzyme-inhibitor complexes to guide drug design
  • Multi-protein membrane complexes
  • Structure-guided antibody design and high-resolution epitope mapping
  • Elucidating molecular mechanisms of human disease at the atomic level
  • Purified proteins for assay development and small molecule library screening
  • Testing and validating AlphaFold hypotheses and structures

The Research Service Laboratory works with academic and for-profit scientists on a fee-for-service basis.  It also has funding provided by the NIH and other federal and private granting agencies.

Please contact:
Jeffery Kieft, PhD (Executive Director)
(212) 939-0660 ext. 112

The Laboratory operates dedicated equipment for rapid protein purification, biophysical assays, NMR, X-ray and electron microscopy structural analysis and drug screening.

A combination of unique technologies allows the group to manage multiple research projects in parallel at a rapid pace