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Appion Part 1: Basics and 2D Single Particle Analysis

March 26, 2019

10am-3pm- SEMC Conference Room

The Appion Workshop Series covers single particle and tomography processing focused on users at the facility and using Leginon to collect our data. The Appion Part 1 Workshop provides hands-on training for the Appion single-particle data processing workflow. Appion is a “pipeline” for processing and analysis of EM images; it is integrated with Leginon data acquisition, but can also be used stand-alone after uploading images or particle stacks. Topics include analyzing the quality of your data collection, correcting the CTF, generating and cleaning up stacks, and generating 2D class averages. An Appion Part 2 Workshop will be offered in the future to provide training for making initial models and doing 3D reconstructions. Themes are generalized and would be beneficial for anyone interested in the field.

If you are interested in attending, please register at:   I’d like to register for Appion Part 1!

Appion Part 2 – 3D Reconstruction

This Appion Part 2 Workshop is a follow-on to the Part 1 workshop and focuses on 3D initial models and refinement.  A one-day Appion Workshop will be held:

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

10am-3pm- SEMC Conference Room

If you’d like to attend the Appion Part 2 Workshop, register here:

I’d like to register for Appion Part 2!

Appion Part 3: Tomography

This Workshop covers tilt-series collection in Leginon, fiducial-less tilt-series alignment within Appion with Protomo, and sub-tomogram averaging with Dynamo. With this knowledge you will be able to create de novo initial models for single particle projects that no reviewer can argue with after just 1 hour of collection or collect and process tilt-series of FIB/SEM lamella, and anything in between.  A one-day Appion Workshop will be held:

May 23, 2019

10am-3pm- SEMC Conference Room

If you are interested in attending the Appion Part 3 Workshop, register here:

I want to register for the Appion Part 3 Workshop!


The 2019 Winter/Spring EM Course is now in session!

New York Structural Biology Center at 89 Convent Ave (133rd St).


Classes in A-11 seminar room (Mondays 3:30-5pm and select Wednesdays 3:30-5pm)

Single particle section

Feb 25 : Single-particle analysis (part I: Intro and overview of SPA) [Joachim Frank, COLU]
Mar 4 : Single-particle analysis (part II: Data Analysis and reconstruction workflow [Reza Khayat, Amedee des Georges CUNY]
Mar 11 : Single-particle analysis (part III: Reconstruction workflow (cont), and Interpretation and Limitations) [Rich Hite, MSKCC]

EM crystallography section

Mar 18 : MicroED and 2D crystallography intro [Bill Rice, NYSBC]
Mar 25 : Helical (part I: Intro and overview of helical) [Greg Alushin, RU]
Apr 1 : Helical (part II: Helical cont) [Hernando Sosa, AECOM]

EM challenges and new frontiers

Apr 8 : Validation methods [Tom Walz, RU]
Apr 15 : EMDataBank: Structure Data Archiving, Validation Challenges [Cathy Lawson, Rutgers]
Apr 22 : Moderate resolution interpretation [Gira Bhabha, NYU]
Apr 29 : Fitting Atomic Models [Oli Clarke, COLU]
May 1 : Conclusion & open discussion (short class)