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Acetylcholinesterase: an enzyme essential for the functioning of synapses in the brain and muscles.

Scientists in this group were the first to successfully determine the structure of human AChE in complex with therapeutic compounds and nerve agents. This work was conducted for the Department of Defense.

About Special Projects Group

The Special Projects Group performs structural biology projects on a fee-for-service basis for diverse laboratories from academia, government and pharmaceutical companies. Scientists in this group are experts in structure-based drug development and high-throughput methodologies. They carry out all integrated, gene-to-structure projects and take the lead on projects that require a combination of technologies, working side-by-side with all departments at NYSBC to achieve the specific goals of each project.

Services Available

  • High Throughput Gene-To-Structure Services
    • Gene construct design and cloning
    • Protein expression and purification
    • Crystallization and structure determination
  • Structure-Based Drug Discovery
    • High throughput small molecule screening
    • Protein-small molecule complex structure
    • Protein-antibody complex structure
  • X-Ray Crystallography
    • Crystallization of protein samples
    • Sample testing and data collection
    • High resolution data collection
    • Data analysis and structure determination
  • NMR Protein Characterization
    • Structure determination of proteins, nucleic acids and complexes
    • Characterization of protein dynamics
    • Membrane protein structure determination
    • In-cell NMR
  • Protein Production
    • Bacterial, insect or mammalian cell expression
    • Protein purification
    • Membrane proteins


The Special Projects Group has successfully completed numerous projects for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Determining the consequences of cancer mutations
  • Optimizing antibodies
  • Designing new vaccines
  • Identifying new antibiotics
  • Producing high quality protein for experimental purposes

How SPG Works with Clients

  • SPG offers complete R&D services from target identification to expression, purification, and structural characterization
  • Work is done on NYSBC’s X-ray generators, synchrotron beamline, NMR instruments, electron microscopes, and robots for protein expression and crystallization
  • Dedicated staff performs each project


  • You describe your project
  • We analyze feasibility and develop a project plan
  • We provide a tailored quotation with explicit milestones
  • Our team discusses progress with you at each step of the way