Construction Underway

SEMC is undergoing a 5,000 SQF expansion to support the National Center for CryoEM Access and Training (NCCAT).  NCCAT will provide nationwide access to advanced cryoEM technical capabilities, and to assist users in the development of cryoEM skills needed for independent research.  The Center is funded by the NIH Common Fund Transformative High Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy program (U24 GM129539) and New York State.

Construction is progressing nicely. The air handlers are now in place, and the exterior and interior wall framing is going up. The SEMC microscopy suite will experience a disruption in April when air ducts in the control room are integrated into the new building. We will keep users informed as the dates are determined.


Outer and Interior walls starting to take shape.





Frame has been completed and Roof is being installed.  Next step is to pour concrete.



The concrete floor has been completed and the steel frame is being erected.