Services Available

Member Institution Services (covered by Annual Dues)

  • Advanced instrumentation and expertise for NMR, X-ray Crystallography and Electron Microscopy
  • Training in instrumentation and techniques, including accredited classes and individual instruction
  • Assigned, dedicated instrument time is part of consortium membership – there are no special fees beyond annual membership dues.

Additional services to Members and Non-Members

  • These services are offered on a fee-for-service basis:
  • High throughput gene-to-structure services
  • Cloning/expression/purification/refolding in bacterial, insect and mammalian cell lines
  • Small molecule – protein complexes for structure based drug design
  • NMR screening for structure based drug design
  • Additional instrumentation time (members) or access to instrumentation with staff assistance (non-members).

How NYSBC works with Clients

NYSBC offers complete R&D services:

  • From target identification to expression, purification, structural characterization
  • Work is done on NYSBC’s own equipment from synchrotron beamlines, NMRs, to robots for protein expression and crystallization
  • Dedicated expert staff handle each project in a timely fashion

Example 1:

  • You tell us your project, we determine feasibility, we provide a tailored quotation
  • We conduct high throughput testing to determine optimal construct, vector and detergent
  • A team dedicated to your project discusses progress with you at each step of the way


  • Fee for service based on project specifications
  • Corporate membership
  • For more information contact us.

Example 2:

  • Your project requires highly specialized expertise
  • We consult experts from our consortium
  • We analyze feasibility and develop a project plan
  • We provide a tailored quotation with explicit milestones
  • Our team discusses progress with you at each step of the way